How to Make Driver Training More Realistic

14 July 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Are you planning to join a driving instructor class? Read on and discover some of the different ways through which you can make your trainees to be prepared for real-world situations once you qualify as a driving instructor.

Using Satellite Navigation

Technology has advanced so much that it is now rare to find someone using a map to guide him or her to a destination. Instead, it is now becoming increasingly common to find drivers relying on some form of satellite navigation in order to reach their destinations. People who are learning to drive should be prepared for this new reality. Your involvement in getting new drivers to understand how to use navigation tools, such as their smartphones, will prepare those drivers to handle the distraction of that tool in a safe way.

Parking Against Traffic Flow

It is usually advisable for a motorist to park on the same side as the flow of traffic. For example, one should park on the left hand side if he or she is driving in a country where motorists keep left when driving. However, some real-life situations may compel one to park on the opposite side of the road. For example, the parking area on the side of the road may be on the side that is opposite where you have been driving. Prospective drivers can be helped to handle such situations safely by being instructed on how to park on the other side of the road when traffic is flowing in both directions.

Questions During Practical Lessons

Prospective drivers are normally subjected to a written exam in a classroom situation before they go out for the practical driving test. However, real-life driving situations often require drivers to attend to more than one thing at the same time. For instance, one may have to brief a business partner during the drive to the airport.

Driving instructors can be instrumental in preparing their students to handle such multi-tasking situations safely. For example, you can ask your trainee some questions about safe driving while that student is having a practical driving lesson. Such questions will train the learner to stay focused on the driving task while devoting some mental concentration to something else. This can reduce the number of accidents that occur when drivers become oblivious of the road while talking to someone or multi-tasking.

Many more ways exist to help people to be better prepared for the real world as they take their driving lessons. You can learn how to equip those learners with the skills that they need by enrolling at a reputable driving instructor training facility in your area.