Roadworthy Vehicle: 3 Crucial Tips for Preventing Brakes Malfunctions

27 October 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Proper brake function is crucial for your vehicle's roadworthiness. If your brakes are not in an ideal operating condition, you will experience significant difficulties in car handling. Moreover, your brakes could fail completely, and you might be involved in a serious collision or crash. Fortunately, you can prevent brake malfunctions and subsequent failures by upholding the best driving practices and conducting regular maintenance. Here are simple guidelines for keeping your brakes roadworthy.

1. Avoid Destructive Habits

The most common cause of accelerated and premature brake failure is poor driving habits. In simple terms, the brakes deteriorate because they are exposed to undue strain during daily driving. If you want your brakes to remain in good condition for longer, you must avoid careless practices. For instance, it is important to avoid sudden, unnecessary and heavy braking. You should also minimise the load on your vehicle if possible. Do not keep driving with unnecessary luggage because the brakes will need to work harder. Additionally, avoid driving on surfaces with low traction such as wet roads because more force will be required.

2. Inspect the Rotors and Pads

The brake rotors and pads in your vehicle are directly involved in slowing down and stopping. Therefore, these components are highly susceptible to damage and wear. In general, when the brake pedal is pressed the brake pads will press against the rotors which are attached to the spinning wheel. The friction generated between the two surfaces forces the wheels to slow down and stop. If the rotors and pads are in poor condition, the entire braking system will be compromised. So, it is important to inspect these components regularly for anomalies and repair any damage.

3. Install High-Quality Parts

You will need to replace parts of the braking system periodically for optimal functionality. For example, the brake pads and rotors will degrade even if they do not sustain damage during their service life. When the time comes for any brake replacement, it is essential to utilise high-quality parts. You cannot afford to install weak components in your braking system. A small weakness in the brakes could mean life or death. Under normal circumstances, you should replace the worn out parts with products similar or of equal quality with those installed by the manufacturer. However, where possible, you can upgrade your vehicle by installing better parts such as ceramic brake pads.

Finally, you should remember to change your brake fluid as recommended by the car manufacturer for optimal transfer of braking pressure. For more information, contact your local roadworthy inspections service today.