Trucks and Trailers Used to Transport Cementitious Mixtures for Construction Projects

9 June 2017
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Heavy haulage has many varieties of loads. It involves commercial transportation of heavy and abnormal goods. These commodities require specialised trucks with specific modifications to enable them to handle the type of goods that you are carrying. Cement trucks are a good example. They are used to deliver homogenous mixtures of cement and other material to meet urgent construction needs. This is important for projects where one is short on space and doesn't have enough room to do the mixing on site. Here is a look at three cement trucks you can use to mix and transport cementitious mixtures: 

Concrete Mixture Trailers

Just as the name alludes, concrete mixer trailers take the configuration of a horse-and-cart with an independent trailer attached to the tractor. These trailers are smaller versions of standard concrete mixers, and they are ideal for delivering short loads of cement to a site. The trailers come with a rotating drum with a holding capacity varying between 0.76 and 1.34 cubic metres. Considering the capacity of the drum, you can use a small pick-up or truck to haul the concrete mixture from one place to the other.

Concrete mixer trailers are the ones you will find in small and medium scale rental businesses because of their high mobility and ease of operation.

Concrete Mixing Trucks

Concrete mixing trucks are used to mix and transport large amounts of concrete to a construction site. Dry materials are introduced in to the drum. They are then charged with water so that the mixing occurs during transit. By the time the truck gets to the designated site, the mixture should be ready for use. However, this is only applicable in cases where the transit will take long enough for proper mixing to take place.

If the distance is too short, then you can load the cement mixture from a central plant where it has already been processed and is ready for transportation. The truck is designed to keep the concrete in liquid form through a process referred to as agitation. Agitation occurs by a rotational movement of the drum during transit.

Metered Concrete Trucks

Some concrete projects require pre-determined mixtures of cement and other materials. Metered trucks carry out the mixing and deliver the precise amount of concrete needed. These trucks help you avoid wasting concrete because you only mix and transport what is needed. In some cases, they are also referred to as volumetric mobile trucks.