A Quick Guide for Finding the Perfect Roof Rack for Your Car

16 February 2021
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Roof racks are the perfect solution for creating the extra and much-needed cargo space on your vehicle. However, a lot goes into finding the right type of roof rack. With many options available for selection, you have to narrow down your list by looking at a few key things that set each one apart. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new roof rack for your car, here is a quick guide to help you. Read More 

Roadworthy Vehicle: 3 Crucial Tips for Preventing Brakes Malfunctions

27 October 2018
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Proper brake function is crucial for your vehicle's roadworthiness. If your brakes are not in an ideal operating condition, you will experience significant difficulties in car handling. Moreover, your brakes could fail completely, and you might be involved in a serious collision or crash. Fortunately, you can prevent brake malfunctions and subsequent failures by upholding the best driving practices and conducting regular maintenance. Here are simple guidelines for keeping your brakes roadworthy. Read More 

When Your Car Needs Servicing, and What It Might Need By Way of Repairs

1 November 2017
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No car owner should put off needed repairs to their car, as parts that aren't working properly can put undue stress on the engine, transmission, and other major systems under the hood, and can also compromise your ability to control the car. A small repair that is simple and affordable to fix, if ignored, can also soon turn into a major repair job that leaves you without a car for days, and which is much more expensive! Read More 

Should You Consider Log Book Service For Your Vehicle?

4 September 2017
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Purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you can make. Nevertheless, the costs do not stop at depositing a down payment. You also have to invest in care and maintenance for your vehicle, which would typically be in the form of routine servicing. As a motorist, you could either have a general car service performed on your vehicle or opt for log book servicing. Read on to learn about whether you should consider log book servicing for your car: Read More 

Two accessories that every tradesperson should buy for their work vehicle

25 August 2017
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Most tradespeople own a work vehicle. Here are two vehicle accessories which professionals of this kind may find useful. A ladder rack A ladder is a crucial item which virtually all tradespeople, including electricians, plumbers, decorators, plasters, and carpenters, need to use on a daily basis in order to reach things that are positioned at a height. However, whilst this equipment is undeniably useful, it is also quite cumbersome and can take up a lot of valuable space inside a work van or truck. Read More