Should You Consider Log Book Service For Your Vehicle?

4 September 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you can make. Nevertheless, the costs do not stop at depositing a down payment. You also have to invest in care and maintenance for your vehicle, which would typically be in the form of routine servicing. As a motorist, you could either have a general car service performed on your vehicle or opt for log book servicing. Read on to learn about whether you should consider log book servicing for your car:

What is log book servicing?

In essence, a log book service would be engaging in car servicing according to the original manufacturer's specifications. This approach means your mechanic will have to follow certain procedures to ensure that your vehicle's warranty does not become void. Usually, motorists tend to overlook this log book servicing and simply have their car tuned by any mechanic whenever a problem arises. This non-exclusivity may work for the short term, but it does put your vehicle at risk of other auto problems down the road. Therefore, if you would like to prolong the life of your car while also making sure that the warranty remains valid, you may want to put in the extra effort to have a log book service performed by an authorised auto shop.

Would log book servicing be expensive?

Car servicing is undoubtedly one of the more costly measures when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Thus, some motorists tend to try put off their car service for as long as possible in an attempt to minimise their expenses. However, this could put your vehicle at risk of more expensive repairs as any damage the car has acquired gets time to become exacerbated. Contrary to popular belief, log book servicing would not be more expensive than a routine service. It is more likely that you would pay less money since some of the services offered would be free when carried out at an authorised service centre. A few of the things to expect from log book serving, if your vehicle has not acquired significant damage, include the tightening of parts, refilling of fluids replacing worn components and more.

What is the advantage of log book servicing?

A little-known advantage of log book servicing is that it functions to keep your vehicle in its original state for as long as possible. The benefit of this is when you decide to sell your vehicle, you have a higher chance of getting the best value for your car, as you would not have altered the internal components with generic auto parts.