Why You Really Need a Car If You're Going to Fully Explore the Land Down Under

19 June 2017
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Australia is a vast land. Very large parts of it are uninhabited and a majority of the population lives within close proximity to the sea. Sometimes there are huge distances between areas of population and you really need a car if you are going to fully explore its hidden treasures. So, when planning your first trip "down under," one of the most important tasks you can perform is to rent a car in advance. What do you need to know, as you prepare for your adventure?

Forward Planning

When you arrive at your destination, you will find it relatively easy to find the rental car plaza to pick up your vehicle, but this doesn't mean that you should leave it until you arrive before reserving your ideal car. There is a reason why Australia is one of the top worldwide destinations and you may arrive at a particularly busy time. Make sure that you get the type of vehicle that you want, in advance.


You may come from a country where you drive on the right-hand side and should mentally prepare for driving on the "wrong" side when you get here. Most of the vehicles in the rental car fleet have automatic transmissions, so you don't need to worry too much about how you should change gear. However, you constantly need to remind yourself when you start driving each day, to make sure that you pull out onto the correct side of the road.

Do You Need All-Wheel Drive?

The bigger cities are well served when it comes to good quality, paved roads. This is not the same everywhere and if you truly want to explore the country, the chances are that you will find yourself on unpaved tracks occasionally. Plan in advance if you're going to be doing a lot of driving in the Outback, as you might want to rent an all-wheel drive vehicle instead.

Having a Proper Plan

Due to the vast distances involved and the possibility that facilities may be sparse in remote areas, it is essential for you to plan properly before setting out. You always need to ensure that you have enough petrol and must carry enough water for each person on board. It's not a good idea to "wing it" when it comes to exploration and remember that you may not have mobile phone coverage in certain areas. Ask your rental car supplier if they can provide you with a satellite phone.

Ready to Go?

With adequate preparation and a thirst for adventure, you'll be able to see the real Australia. Just make sure that you prepare adequately in advance for maximum enjoyment.