Small Details That Are Easy to Overlook When Buying a Used Car

5 June 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When you're buying a used car, you may know to check the mileage and the condition of the tyres and to look for rust along the body. However, there are some small details that are easy to overlook when it comes to buying a used car and that can make a tremendous difference in its overall condition and expected lifespan. Note a few of those details here so you can ensure you buy a used car that is in good repair and that will last.

Fender bolts

When examining the body or framework of a car, check the bolts of the fenders. If they're new and without any type of wear, this might not be a good thing; this can indicate that the fender was recently replaced, such as after an accident or collision. If the seller has noted that the car was in an accident or suffered other such damage, you may be okay with the new fenders, but otherwise, new bolts and a new fender can mean that the car's body or framework was weakened due to collision damage. When you see new bolts but haven't been told the car was in an accident, do a very thorough inspection of the body for any other damage.

Boot liner

Open the boot, pull up the liner along the bottom and sides and check for signs of water damage or rust. If the car was involved in a flood, the owner may have neglected to clean under the boot liner, and this can indicate that you should check for water damage in other areas of the car. The seller may have also repaired rusted areas of the car body, but not from the inside of the boot. What you see rust, mould and the like under the boot liner, this can tell you a lot about the condition of the car.

Transmission fluid

Checking the transmission fluid of a used car is very important. This fluid shouldn't burn away, so if it's low, this can mean the transmission is damaged and worn. You also want to check the actual condition of the fluid when you pull out the dipstick; if there is rust, dirt, and other debris clinging to the fluid, those contaminants are also circulating in the transmission itself, leading to early wear and tear. If the fluid is low or in poor condition, you might expect transmission repair bills down the road.

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